The Pillars of NCA


The institution is built on four pillars as outlined below:

1. Enabling environment

Strategic to ensuring conducive operating environments for all stakeholders in the ICT and communications landscape in South Sudan. Stakeholders here include:  existing and potential licensees and investors, consumers of ICT services, public, civil society and Government Institutions. The objective is to:

  • Review the National Communication Act 2012 to facilitate a conducive environment.
  • Facilitate the review of the Communications Sector policy 2012.
  • Support development and implementation of a National Broadband Strategy.
  • Nurture strategic public private partnerships (PPP).
  • Promote environmental sustainability.
  • Foster research, development and innovation.
  • Promote consumer and public engagement, awareness and empowerment.
  • Encourage regional and international cooperation in the ICT sector.

2. Institutional Capacity

Which is strategic to ensuring that NCA has the capacity and   capability to implement its mandate with the following objectives:

  • Recruitment and training of human capacity to deliver the strategy.
  • Create a good working space by construction of a modern office building for NCA.
  • Ensure efficient utilization of available resources.
  • Establish and enhance internal systems and processes.
  • Promote corporate and environmental social responsibilities.

3. Infrastructure development

To ensure the presence of required infrastructure for the realization of the institution’s strategies. Strategic objectives under this pillar are:

  • Facilitation of nationwide ICT infrastructure and services deployment.
  • Facilitation of secure ICT systems and services.
  • Ensuring quality ICT systems and services.

4. Market development:

To ensure the promotion of growth, competition and investment in the ICT sector with projected implementation of the following:

  • Liberalizing the ICT market to facilitate competition.
  • Developing mechanisms for addressing disadvantaged areas and communities.
  • Facilitating investment in the ICT sector.